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The Beijing Axis at Africa Week, Beijing 2018
Thursday, 31 May 2018 02:46

BEIJING – 19 May 2018 – Africa Week, Beijing kicked off on 19 May 2018 in central Beijing. The event was co-hosted by Kente & Silk, The Global Shapers Initiative, the Peking University African Students Association (PUASA PKU), China-Africa Tech Initiative, and the PKU Youth Think Tank.

Africa Week, Beijing 2018 was comprised of a series of events held across Beijing between May 18-26 to celebrate Africa, and increase positive engagements between Africa and China. To highlight the dynamism of the Africa-China community, the Africa Week’s first event, “Africa Stories”, brought together members of this community from a diverse range of backgrounds to engage on the themes of African agency, collaborative tech opportunities and the China-Africa economy.

Among the keynote speakers was the New Development Bank’s Vice President, Leslie Maasdorp, who shared historical perspectives on the developmental trajectories of both Africa and China, the challenges and enablers of growth and his take on what the future holds.

Mr Leslie Maasdorp, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the New Development Bank

CGTN host and UNDP China Special Advisor, Tian Wei, told those gathered about her various encounters with a diverse range of African people and the lessons she has derived from the experiences.

Ms Tian Wei, CGTN Host and UNDP Special Advisor

The Beijing Axis’s very own Luyolo Sijake was also a speaker at the event, featuring on the panel addressing the topic of African agency, which sought to emphasise the often understated role that Africans are playing in expanding opportunities in various spheres of the Sino-Africa relationship.

Mr Luyolo Sijake (C), Senior Analyst at The Beijing Axis

Mr Luyolo Sijake (L) with Dr Avhafarei Nelufule (R), First Secretary at the South African Embassy, Beijing

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