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The Beijing Axis & Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce & Industry Workshop on China & Asia Market Opportunities
Thursday, 08 February 2018 01:22

Johannesburg, 30 January 2018 – The Beijing Axis hosted a workshop with the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) on: China & Asia Market Opportunities: Export Development and Strategic Sourcing Success. Kobus van der Wath, Founder, Axis Group International, and Managing Director, The Beijing Axis, and Haiwei Huang, Director of Axis Capital Advisory, were the keynote speakers. The seminar was chaired by JCCI’s President, Herman Breedt, who welcomed the guests and laid out JCCI’s objectives for hosting the seminar.  

Mr. van der Wath kicked off the session by providing an economic overview of the Asia Pacific region and China’s role in the region’s ongoing transformation. He also gave insights into China’s trade relations with the rest of the world. Mr. van der Wath elaborated on China/Asia’s market development and export success by detailing how to penetrate hot sectors, frame opportunities, and position and manage a foreign brand in China.

Mr. van der Wath highlighted the 20th anniversary of diplomatic ties between South Africa and China, and delved into the trade landscape between the two strategic partners, where minerals are still the dominant traded commodity. He gave a detailed account of product and service categories that have seen increased demand in the Chinese market, presenting an opportunity for South African businesses.

Mr. van der Wath underscored the change in China’s economic growth model, moving away from an industrial to a consumption-driven economy. Surely presenting an opportunity for South African companies, especially in the services sector.

Mr. Huang addressed the various issues, risks and critical success factors for foreign companies wanting to break ground in China and other Asian markets. He started off by outlining the Chinese business environment, the various modern business strategies, influences, and the role of culture. He gave pointers on the kind of managerial and structural principles that foreign companies need to be cognizant of before entering China, especially in terms of understanding the local context and finding the right local partners.

The seminar was followed by an interactive discussion where attendees were granted an opportunity to ask questions and get firsthand insights from the TBA team. The seminar was attended by members of the JCCI and representatives from businesses who have an interest in the Asia/China markets. 

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